One of our fundraising events

The Rt Hon Ann Widdecombe speaking at “The Way Forward Following The Referendum"

The Lower Dart, Devon

One of our fundraising events


Applying for a Grant

Criteria – who we can help

• DSCT makes grants to registered charities and not-for-profit  organisations for purposes which meet its charitable objectives.
 We do not make grants to individuals.

• We are a small charity and grants rarely exceed £2000. Our  preference is to make awards to small organisations to which this  sort of sum can make a real difference.

• Our funds are almost all raised in Devon and it is unlikely that
 we will make a grant to a body whose beneficiaries are not
 Devon residents.

• We review each application very carefully to assess both its  potential effectiveness and its financial viability, and also that it  meets our charitable objectives.

• We prefer to make grants in support of specific projects. We do not  normally make grants to cover ongoing running costs of a charity.


• We always ask for a report on how our grants are spent and  welcome the opportunity to visit projects we have supported.